As networks evolve, keeping operations streamlined becomes critical, in order to minimize investments and expenses.  One of the main tools for maximum efficiency and cost saving is mobile device management (MDM) platform. With MDM platform, the operator proactively and remotely supports subscribers during the entire device lifecycle. A single touchpoint for all the device and SIM management needs, gives the operator the edge, streamlining its operations and getting ready for the future.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Market

According to a report of Zion Market, published in 2016, global mobile device management (MDM) market was valued at around USD 1.35 billion in 2015 and is expected to generate revenue of USD 5.15 billion by end of 2021, growing at a CAGR of slightly above 25% between 2016 and 2021. In its press release about the report, Zion Market says that Mobile devices are valuable enterprise tools allowing immediate access to internal content and resources. MDM solutions manage data security, network connectivity, device capabilities, and other various features of mobile devices. Furthermore, its solutions protect and secure mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Comprehensive Mobile Device Management Platform

CALLUP has developed a comprehensive mobile device management platform, called MDM+. The unique and innovative platform is a comprehensive automatic device detection and configuration system that identifies new combinations of mobile devices entering the network. Once detected, and based on a preconfigured rules engine, it can configure various services on the device. MDM+ supports Open Mobile Alliance Client Provisioning (OMA-CP) and OMA Device Management (OMA-DM) for these operations, and enables proprietary protocols to be plugged in.

Mobile Device Management Platform Keeps Devices Up to Date

MDM+ helps operators keep devices up to date so they can provide their subscribers with the latest value added services, driving up revenues, assuring positive customer experience and increasing customer loyalty. All this while supporting both the operator’s legacy network and its broadband network. MDM+ supports all network technologies and topographies: GSM, LTE, CDMA and hybrid networks. It supports all devices: feature phones, smart phones, SIM cards, consumer electronics and M2M. It also supports multiple tenancy, enabling MVNO and enterprise device management and control.

Built-In Campaign Manager and SMSC

CALLUP's MDM+ platform has a built-in campaign manager and SMSC (optional) which can be utilized for advanced subscription based services and operations. Managing the permissions and content of groups of phones is useful for managing fleet of devices by enterprises. MDM+ includes a Device Management (DM) solution, including ADD, automatic device configuration, device profiles and TAC database, including update service

MDM+ Product Line

CALLUP’s MDM+ line includes SIM OTA and OTAF. SIM OTA is a system that allows cellular operators to manage files and applets on subscribers’ SIM cards. This enables remote life cycle management of the card from its activation by a new user, through upgrades and updates, until the card is canceled. Using a user-friendly interface that is SIM vendor agnostic, the SIM OTA comprises various features and capabilities, such as secure Remote File Management, Remote Applet Management, Steering of Roaming, Location Tracking, Welcome SMS, and other remote, over the air SIM operations. Another platform in this line is OTAF (OTA Functional) - a service provisioning and parameter activation system for CDMA network. Provisioning of new handsets into a CDMA network is complex and activating mobile data services, such as WAP, e-mail and MMS, requires users to manually configure the handset with the appropriate settings. With CALLUP's OTAF system, handsets can be sold, configured and immediately activated in any place such as kiosks, supermarkets, airports, etc. Handsets can be updated without having to contact the users or have them come to points of service

IoT Device Management

CALLUP's MDM+ serves also as an IoT (Internet of Things( device management platform, enabling remote management of various types of IoT devices with different operating systems and communication protocols. This allows operators to control, monitor and secure, in real-time, a large inventory on IoT devices. The operator can add devices, remove devices, and make remote configuration changes on any device. The system can remotely update the IoT device’s software and send alerts about malfunctions.