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The use of cloud computing is gaining much momentum in companies and organizations in almost all industries worldwide, and is also becoming popular in the telecommunications industry. The cloud allows cost savings and business agility – helping companies and organizations to maintain a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), while saving a great deal of money on purchasing hardware, software, and communications infrastructure. Using the cloud saves the high expenses of building systems, and the organization does not have to commit to a support contract with the hardware/software supplier.

An organization that uses cloud computing prevents business damage caused by system failure. This damage is prevented thanks to high level ongoing backup and recovery, conducted by the cloud service provider, assuring the system's high survivability. In addition, cloud computing helps the organization to focus on its core business and expertise, avoiding the establishment of a large IT department.

According to a press release of North Bridge Venture Partners, which conducted in 2014 the Fourth Annual Future of Cloud Computing Survey in conjunction with Gigaom Research and collaborating organizations, 49% of respondents in this year’s survey are using the cloud to fuel revenue generation or new product creation. Software as a Service (SaaS) adoption has more than quintupled – from 13% adoption in 2011 to 74% in the 2014 survey. The survey clearly demonstrates that SaaS is the strongest area of adoption for the cloud.

Cloud computing utilizes resources according to users’ demand. If the demand decreases, the user pays only for what he used, and the return on investment (ROI) is kept positive. It is akin to the electricity grid, with consumers being charged according to their actual usage – no more and no less. In addition, in most cases maintenance is conducted by the cloud service provider, saving the user additional expenses. The manpower, current operation and maintenance expenses related to the cloud-based systems are covered by the service provider.

Market dynamics and the increasing use of Over the Top (OTT) applications are forcing mobile network operators and mobile virtual network operators to reduce operating expenses to a bare minimum. The solution for this necessity is cloud-based value added services that can dramatically cut operating costs.

The use of cloud computing enables mobile operators to adjust the amount of resources to the number of customers using them. Beyond cost savings, cloud computing greatly contributes to business agility. Thanks to the ability to make changes instantly according to resource consumption, the organization can respond quickly to changing market conditions and changes in customer requirements.

CALLUP offers a comprehensive portfolio of cloud-based value added services for cellular operators that can be self-tailored by the operator, within minutes, through an innovative wizard.

This portfolio, called CanVAS in the Cloud, includes voice mail, interactive voice response, SMS and MMS centers, personal ring back tone, multimedia transcoding gateway and more.

CanVAS in the Cloud is a full SaaS service and operators pay only according to usage, avoiding buying extra hardware for peak days or extra software licenses in advance. The operator monitors its own application, while CALLUP is responsible for availability and upgrades.

CALLUP’s cloud-based services can be hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, private cloud, or any data center chosen by the operator. Multiple high availability schemes ensure an uninterrupted level of service. The operator's applications are automatically backed up. A sophisticated cost management system allows usage adjustment according to load. Maximum security is maintained by AWS, and all private data and messages are encrypted on entry point and decrypted on exit point.

A video about CALLUP’s cloud-based services can be watched here.