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Smart Fi - Allowing Carriers sell Wi-Fi data
Roam Home SMS - SMS intercept
CALLUP Wi-Fi Calling - Voice intercept
CanVAS over Cloud - VAS over Cloud Wizard 


CALLUP’s SCE is a web based GUI system for creating VAS applications

Our easy to use and self-explanatory approach in designing this "Drag & Drop" environment makes this system super easy to use and operate.
The system is written in the latest programming libraries such as jQuery, jQueryUI and HTML5 to increase ease of use.
Services that were once a considered big projects to introduce to the network can now be introduced and revised in a snap. Great examples for such relate to billing services such as "top-up", "balance check", etc.
Switches, Menus, Script, Web Services: The SCE is relies on years of experience of developing VAS applications. It includes objects that make life a lot easier when developing VAS applications
Main System components:
Call Flow Editor -  Allows to edit service flows. Drop basic elements like play, record, get DTMF, etc. Use advanced objects like web service integration or javascript. Connect the elements and publish the application, and you have your call flow ready in minutes!
Media Manager - Easily drag and drop from your PC to the server media files. Incorporate those later in your call flow. Being an HTML5 application, the files can be played back using nothing but the web browser, using a simple preview click on the media or on the flow object itself.
Variable System -
Application global variables can be defined by the application programmer. This enables easy control of the application logic, for example to create counters for limiting number of loops, storing password info etc.
Default variables are automatically created for each call, such as the caller number, called number, redirect number etc.

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