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CALLUP USSD Gateway supports interactive communication between users and applications, enables providing services over mobile without bearing communication costs.

USSD GW feature highlites:
  • Receiving and sending USSD messages
  • Support for binary format, in accordance to ITU recommendations
  • SMPP (v 3.4 or higher) and SOAP (XML/HTTP) API - Service Creation Environment – Built in application server with drag and drop HTML5 interface
  • Option to restrict destinations
  • Short codes for special services can be defined
  • Activation and deactivation of services using USSD
  • Support USSD messages to be routed to different applications.
  • Support many open standards including SMPP, XML/WML to integrate with SMS based applications
  • Integration to network management software using standard network management protocols
  • Support SS7 network interfaces
Messaging Capabilities:
  • Mobile-originated (MO) requests sent from a mobile station to USSDC or applications
  • Application-originated (AO) messages sent from an application to mobile stations or applications
  • Mobile-terminated (MT) messages sent from the USSDC to mobile stations
  • Application-terminated (AT) messages sent from the USSDC to applications
  • Message routing to external applications based on service codes
  • USSD campaign broadcasts
Other Features:
  • Optional voice server, for easy call flow IVR generation using the service creation environment
  • MAP/SS7 rerouting for networked USSDC
  • SMPP gateway (for short message peer-to-peer protocol)
  • USSD priority level ─ If system or network is busy or overloaded, the particular subscribers and/or particular messages has priority of delivery
  • Multiple language support (Unicode)

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