CALLUP NET is a subsidiary of the One1 Group, headquartered in Israel and listed on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE: ONE). Founded in 1999, it has been a leading reliable provider of Value Added Services and Mobile Device Management solutions for the telecom industry for over a decade.

CALLUP's customer base spans the globe and includes fixed, mobile, VoIP telecom operators, MVNE's and MVNO's as well as leading telecom providers that we serve as OEMs.

You can download our company presentation from Here

CALLUP’s portfolio is built on three branches:
  • MDM+: SIM OTA, Device Management and CDMA OTAF
    Supports LTE, deployed with operators with more than 11M SIM cards
    • ​Full SIM OTA solution for SIM file and applet management over HTTPS/TLS, as well as SMS.
    • Device Management – Automatic device detection and configuration of new devices, huge device repository that regularly updates.
    • Campaign manager: Can be used for mass configurations, SIM updates, device configurations and various DM operations, such as FOTA (device firmware upgrades).
    • Steering of Roaming with location base services.
  • CanVAS: SMSC (SS7/IP), Voicemail, VVM, USSD, MMSC, WAP GW
    Worldwide deployments, full Cloud Support, Fully integrated with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • IP SMSC supporting IMS and LTE.
    • Advanced VM and VVM supporting SIP.
    • USSD GW with built-in applications and HTML-based service creation environment.
    • MMSSC with advanced transcoding capabilities.
  • Innovation LAB: Smart-Fi, Wi-Fi Calling, Roam Home Technology (Patented)
    Innovative unique solutions allowing MNO’s to regain market value
    • Smart-Fi allows MNOs to sell roamers seamless and automatic connection to Wi-Fi networks and bill them in their normal phone bill.
    • Wi-Fi Calling, CALLUP’s unique SW solution for femtocell replacement.
    • Roam Home Technology allows capturing SMS and voice and routing it to IP network, seamlessly to the user.