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CALLUP's WAP-Gateway is a carrier-grade server enabling subscribers access to mobile and web services using mobile terminals.

The gateway retrieves the content from Web or WAP servers, converts HTML, XHTML and WML while optimizing the results to match the capabilities of the mobile terminals and finally  delivers the content using WAP or IP protocols.
In addition, CALLUP's WAP-Gateway enables multimedia services based on the WAP protocol such as MMS and Java application download over the air (OTA).
CALLUP's WAP-Gateway supports WAP v1.1, v1.2, v1.2.1, v1.3 and v2.0 WAP clients. WAP 2.0 clients are supported with HTTP/TCP (W-HTTP and W-TCP), or the WSP protocol stack.
The gateway was tested to conform with most of the WAP and web browsers. MIME-types are configurable. Any character set is supported.
The gateway provides session management and supports session and persistent cookies
WAP-GW Feature Highlights:
  • Security, Authentication and Access Control:
CALLUP's WAP-Gateway supports secured and encrypted client-server transactions over SSL/WTLS protocols with RSA/ECC algorithms.
A rule based sub-system controls access of particular subscribers to certain domains. The gateway combines information from subscriber provisioning systems with HTTP_AUTH to control access to certain pages or folders.
Acting as the terminal proxy, the CALLUP WAP-Gateway can interface a Radius accounting server to fetch user identity information such as the MSISDN number and act as an identity server for services like MMS
A session timeout parameter controls the time that the connection will be maintained for idle clients.
Finally, Push Initiators are authenticated as well.
  • Content Billing and Session Screening
CALLUP's WAP-Gateway is located in a perfect position to screen all WAP or MMS traffic. Content screening can be used for detecting premium content forwarded by end users to perform:
  • Content protection (forward lock for non-DRM compatible devices)
  • Super distribution charge for premium content freely distributed by subscribers 
  • Generate CDRs with usage as well as content provider information
  • Bandwidth Optimization
CALLUP's WAP-Gateway can feed exiting MMSCs side by side with dedicated MMSCs – the WAP traffic is routed to the right server based on session headers.
The Gateway optimizes data bandwidth usage by inspecting all WAP/MMS traffic and  measuring the bandwidth utilized by A2P and P2P transactions.
  • PPG
The CALLUP WAP-Gateway comes with a built it Push Proxy Gateway serving Push Initiating services compliant with the PAP protocol. The services have control on the expiration of the message.

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