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CALLUP’s SIM OTA platform manages over the air files and applets on SIM cards. With SIM OTA, carriers can manage the entire SIM card life cycle from activation of new accounts, through various upgrades and roaming updates, to SIM card cancellation and swap. The OTA platform is based on CALLUP’s MDM+ state-of-the-art device management platform. Features such as secured Remote File Management, Remote Applet Management and other remote SIM operations are provided.

Unique Features such as Campaign manager, Targets, files & applets management

Supporting LTE, the SIM OTA platform includes additional unique features, such as a management system, location tracking and Steering of Roaming, prioritizing cellular operator selection during roaming. SIM OTA enables mobile operators to issue control commands on SIM cards using its rich API, or through the user interface. The SIM OTA module can update any file on the card’s file system, provided it is allowed to be modified over the air.

Processing Requests by Business Logic Module

The MDM+ platform enables remote management of applets according to ETSI SCP TS 102 226 and 3GPP TS 31.116. The requests are queued, processed in turn by the business logic module, and the delivery module then wraps the commands needed over the appropriate bearer to the UICC. Status and reports can be collected in real time or as a request for report at a later time.

Supporting Data Channels Over the Air

CALLUP SIM OTA module fully supports data channels over the air, compliant with BIP standard protocols (ETSI TS 102 223 Smart Cards, Card Application Toolkit (CAT) along other ETSI TS 102 xxx standards).

The BIP implementation supports CAT_TP, as well as TCP and HTTP, in supporting devices. This provides a bi-directional data channel with SIM/USIM card.

Initiating Data Session Using Push SMS Message

The MDM+ server can initiate a data session using a push SMS message that starts a data session with the card, or the card can initiate the data session. The Remote File Management (RFM) and Remote Application Management module of functionality of the MDM+ is independent of the bearer – which can be SMS or BIP. 4G LTE cards are now also supported, with the new HTTPS based transport standards, using TLS PSK.

Managing Settings on the Handset SIM

The OTA module provides Mobile Device (MS/UE) Management functionality and is able to manage settings on the handset SIM, independent of the SIM vendor including preferred roaming list (configured by the operator), files (like contact lists), encryption keys, applications and applets installation, updates and removal, and (U)SIM menus. For billing, like all MDM+ modules, the SIM OTA module is connected to CallUp BAP (Billing, Authentication and Provisioning) module, a common service that is responsible for issuing CDRs on file download events.

Provisioning of New Subscribers Over the Air

Another CALLUP’s OTA product is OTAF (Over the  Air Function), a service provisioning and parameter activation system for CDMA networks. The system enables carriers to activate and update subscribers' handsets remotely by sending relevant messages, carried over SMS, to the targeted handsets. CALLUP OTAF eases the provisioning of new subscribers and enables changing parameters in their devices over the air. With CALLUP's OTAF system, handsets can be sold in any store or location and immediately configured and activated remotely, eliminating the customer's need to visit a service center.

Over the  Air Function Enables Carriers to Save Costs and Enhance Customer Service

The implementation of CALLUP OTAF enables carriers to easily acquire new subscribers and expand their market presence, while serving its existing clients in a more consumer-friendly manner. Over the  Air Function enables carriers to save costs, enhance their customer service, and streamline their inventory management. It meets the most stringent international standards.