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CALLUP Wi-Fi Calling

Operators can now save femtocell and roaming costs by switching calls automatically and seamlessly from cellular to IP networks.

CALLUP Wi-Fi Calling, RCS complient, is both an alternative to installing femtocel, and a solution for reducing roaming costs. It diverts calls from the circuit switched path to the IP data path (3G or Wi-Fi) when possible, and still generates CDRs for the operator. The entire process is completely transparent to the user, who uses his regular phone user interface to make a call and does not feel that his phone .calls are transferred through a Wi-Fi hotspot.

What's in it for the operators?

Seamless RCS client (works in background)
Using Android native diler (IOS coming soon)

Seamless handover between CS and IP networks CS<>IP
Floating Service Ribon while talking
Location base capabilties
Sharing social media while talking

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