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USSD CallBack

CALLUP's Roaming Call Back solution helps operators keep the income from roaming calls on their network with a seamless user experience for the user.

Callback Server Features Highlight:
  • STK application for automatic diversion of outgoing calls to the callback system
  • OTA configurable applet
  • Both USSD and SMS support (client and server side)
  • Internal USSD gateway
  • Smart configuration mechanism, for overcoming device comparability issues and USSD restriction issues
  • Per-TAC, MCC and MNC policies
  • User feedback and status, over USSD or SMS
  • Configurable dialed number validation program – allow only valid numbers through the system
  • Web based GUI for the management of the platform
  • TDM (MTP, ISUP) or IP (SIGTRAN, SIP) for signaling and voice
STK application’s Features Highlight:
  • Automatic capture of an outgoing call (seamless), and conversion to a USSD or SMS string
  • Automatic operation when roaming
  • Determination of “roaming” state is configurable, can match any business requirements
  • Rich configuration file which provides flexibility for the operator
  • Smart selection of USSD/SMS based on MCC/MNC or device type
  • Configurable strings in any language
  • OTA configurable (requires an OTA system)

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