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Hybrid Steering of Roaming

CALLUP Steering of Roaming enables SIM OTA and SS7 provisioning of roaming preferences, based on real-time roaming events (Location Update - LU) received. 

Real-time Network Event Reception
Roaming events detection is performed using several methods:
• HLR feature for third party location update.
• SS7 proxy before the HLR (Home Location Register), for MAP Location Update messages.

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Configurable Business Logic for Roaming Steering
The steering is done by CALLUP SoR Business Logic, through a configurable, event driven scenario. It provides a flexible, dynamic engine platform for developing and configuring roaming steering logic and meeting new business needs, without the need for changes in the program code.

Friendly, Comprehensive Reports
The CALLUP Steering of Roaming engine is based on a configurable intuitive business logic that automatically evaluates received roaming events, utilizes data from the CALLUP SIM OTA repository and applies the most appropriate action. These actions range from friendly welcome messages to roaming steering by refreshing the PLMN (Public Land Mobile Network)  file. The advanced CALLUP SoR business logic allows carriers to determine lists of groups/countries/networks in the PLAMN file. The roaming lists are updated dynamically putting the prioritized networks for the subscriber’s current zone in the first positions. CALLUP Steering of Roaming method uses the standard SIM Toolkit Refresh command to enable an instant effect after roaming list updates. Additional specialized SIM Application Toolkits (STKs) such as Bill Shock Preventer can be used as well.

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