Rosh Haayin, Israel, April 1, 2015. CALLUP, a provider of Value Added Services (VAS) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions for the telecom industry, today announced that the company’s CanVAS SCE (Service Creation Environment) system supports CAMEL standards and specifications, as well as CAP (CAMEL Application Part) protocol. CanVAS SCE is an innovative, web-based HTML5 platform enabling mobile operators to create their own value added services. The system is based on drag-and-drop building blocks, allowing fast and easy-to-use creation of various service flows. In addition to CAMEL, CanVAS SCE supports voice, SMS and USSD protocols.

CAMEL (Customized Applications for Mobile networks Enhanced Logic) is a set of standards and specifications, allowing operators to create customized service applications for GSM and UMTS networks. CAP is a signaling protocol used in Intelligent Networking (IN). Using CALLUP’s CanVAS SCE, operators can easily create any CAMEL-based application.

The service applications built by CALLUP’s CanVAS SCE include both legacy and innovative services. Examples include voice mail, balance checks, top up, SMS voting, SMS lotteries, dial back to the caller to avoid lengthy waits for service, and many others. Examples of CAMEL-based service applications include collect calls, ring-back tone services, black/white lists, redirection to recharge through IVR menus when the subscriber is out-of-credit and more.

CanVAS SCE’s CAMEL applications are based on CAMEL flow logic (starting from an Initial Detection Point – IDP), which was pre-programmed with the SCE application designer. It determines how the service application will respond to inputs, how to interact with third party elements, and how to provide feedback to the user.

"Supporting CAMEL standards, specifications and protocol is a major milestone for CALLUP in its intelligent networks capabilities," said Alon Roth, CALLUP's CEO. "Service applications that previously took a long time to create can now very quickly and easily be created. By supporting CAMEL, CanVAS SCE enables operators to save time and money, and makes it possible to maintain a high level of customer service."

CanVAS SCE comprises a unique HTML5-based service flow editor, enabling the creation of various IVR call flows and SMS services in minutes. The operator drags and drops basic elements like play, record and DTMF signaling, among others, connects the elements and publishes the application. Advanced objects like web service integration or JavaScript can be used to enhance service functionality.

A major feature of the CanVAS SCE system is its ability to connect easily with third party services, using the standard web service mechanism. A major sub-system of CanVAS SCE is an application router that routes incoming traffic of various types from a variety of sources, to the correct application. This system is fully manageable from the admin web interface. Users with the relevant administrative rights can add, edit or delete routes.


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