Israel’s New Mobile Operator, Xphone, Selects CALLUP’s Solutions for SMS, Multimedia Messaging, SIM Cards Management and Device Management

Rosh Ha’ayin Israel, November 21, 2017. CALLUP, a global provider of Value Added Services (VAS) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions for the telecom industry, today announced that Israel’s new mobile operator, Xphone, has selected four CALLUP products: SMS Center (SMSC), Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMSC), SIM Over the Air (SIM OTA) and Device Management (DM).

Xphone is an Israeli telecommunications company which provides Internet and international long distance services. Recently, Xphone received a license from Israel’s Ministry of Communications to operate cellular phone services, and will start providing these services soon.

“As Israel’s new mobile operator, it is vital for us to have very fast time to market, cost effectiveness and the assurance of optimal 24/7 high quality services, and use the most innovative products in the market,” said Boaz Lowenstein, Xphone's  CTO. “After a thorough examination of various products, we decided to choose CALLUP’s solutions, which are excellent and extremely advanced. They will help us to achieve our vision to provide the best cellular services.”

“We are very pleased to be selected by Xphone, which joins other operators worldwide that have implemented CALLUP’s solutions,” said Alon Roth, CALLUP’s CEO. “Our portfolio is suitable for greenfield operation, as well as Tier 1 carriers. This contract is further evidence of our commitment to excellence and technological innovation.”

SMSC is a critical element in carriers’ networks that stores, forwards, converts and delivers SMS messages. CALLUP SMSC is a feature-rich, high-performance and high quality SMSC platform. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, it offers high capacity traffic and supports all network messaging technologies – including GSM MAP, SIP/IMS and IS-41. CALLUP SMSC is protected from overload, by constantly measuring the success rates, response times from other elements (STPs, HLRs etc.), and other algorithms to maintain the best service level possible, even under high loads.

CALLUP SMSC includes an advanced dashboard providing quick insights on the status and performance of the SMSC. It provides high throughput per node, making the system capable of managing tens of thousands of transactions per seconds (TPS) with minimal hardware requirements. The product enhances SMS security, including anti-spam and anti-spoof modules.

CALLUP’s second product selected by Xphone, MMSC, is a complete solution for establishing mobile multimedia messaging services that includes all aspects of message store, content adaptation, message delivery and integration with operation and management services. CALLUP MMSC provides the operator with easy quality of service control, advanced charging and detailed usage statistics. In addition, it allows the operator to target new market segments, enhance customer loyalty, increase revenue and easily and quickly develop new applications. It interoperates with other MMSCs using the standard MM4 protocol.

CALLUP MMSC notifies terminals and applications of incoming messages. It delivers the message and reports errors and transaction acknowledgment. In addition, it adapts the content to fit the capabilities of the recipient’s device. A Multimedia Transcoding Gateway (MTG) checks the Device Capabilities Table (DCT) to configure the adaptation, including screen size, maximum multimedia size and supported content formats of the recipient’s terminal. The MTG also adapts video clips, still images, audio clips, text and layout, and performs sophisticated image processing operations like logo embedding, watermarking and fingerprinting.

The third product selected by Xphone, CALLUP’s remote SIM cards management system (SIM OTA), manages files and applets on SIM cards remotely, over the air. It remotely manages the entire SIM card life cycle – from activation of new accounts, through various upgrades and roaming updates, to SIM card cancellation and swap. Using a user-friendly interface that is SIM vendor agnostic, the SIM OTA comprises various features and capabilities, such as secure Remote File Management, Remote Applet Management, Steering of Roaming, Location Tracking, Welcome SMS, and other remote, over the air SIM operations.

A cost-effective solution, CALLUP’s SIM OTA can include a built-in Short Message Service Center (SMSC) to manage all the SIM OTA settings. The SIM OTA platform supports 4G cards, for OTA over HTTPS. Additional features, such as Steering of Roaming and location-based services, add value and provide the operator with excellent ROI. SIM OTA includes a smart campaign management system that enables updating parameters remotely on all of the operator's SIM cards. The system will automatically repeat the update process on SIM cards that could not accept the original update due to various reasons, such as devices that were turned off or subscribers who were in roaming.

The fourth platform selected by Xphone is CALLUP’s Device Management (DM) platform, a  comprehensive automatic device detection and configuration system that identifies new combinations of mobile devices entering the network. Once a new device is detected, and based on a preconfigured rules engine, the system can configure various services on the device. DM supports Open Mobile Alliance Client Provisioning (OMA-CP) and OMA Device Management (OMA-DM) for these operations, and enables proprietary protocols to be plugged in.


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