Pelephone chooses CALLUP's technology as it's new High Speed GSM network launching
The new technology will enable remote update of definitions in client's phones, with no need to arrive at the service center.

CALLUP, the telecom division of the One1 Group, dealing in development and integration of VAS systems and solutions, integrated its MDM (Mobile Device Management and Configuration) system in Pelephone. The system enables remote management of phone configuration over the net, without the users' involvement.
The monetary scope of the project is estimated at millions NIS.

Pelephone, which recently concluded the setup of the High Speed GSM network which is considered one of the most advanced networks in the world, required a system for the management of its clients' end device configuration. CALLUP 's MDM system enables Pelephone to update definitions in its clients' phones without them having to arrive at the service center. This enables solving problems by automatically changing the users' definitions thus assisting them to operate the phone.

CALLUP's MDM system was chosen following Pelephone examination of several additional proposals, all from international companies. The choice was made in view of the successful past experience with projects implemented by CALLUP Net for Pelephone. In addition, CALLUP Net has met the high standard of technological requirements and operational flexibility set by Pelephone.

According to David Eshet, CALLUP Net's CEO, "The integration of CALLUP MDM in Pelephone is a significant stage in the entry of CALLUP Net into the exclusive club of OTA solution providers globally."

Ilan Alter, Pelephone's Director Cellular Applications, says: "The MDM system allows Pelephone to provide high quality service to its clients together with increased efficiency and minimal inconvenience for clients resulted from having them arrive at Pelephone's service centers. The MDM system automatically defines the access points to the net as well as other device parameters immediately upon insertion of the SIM card into the phone. Through sending an SMS to the number 9999, the system performs definition of the access points requiring minimal intervention of the user."