CALLUP CEO, Alon Roth, was interviewed at MWC 2014 (Barcelona, February 24-27, 2014) by Alon spoke about CALLUP’s new innovative products and how they support MNOs in a changing, dynamic environment. The innovative systems enable operators to reduce significantly SMS expenses.


To view the video interview please click here.

"In a dynamic changing environment, in which OTT applications take traffic from MNOs on the one hand and flat tariff plans become common practice on the other - MNOs find themselves in a weak position," says Roth. "CALLUP's innovation team developed new, innovative, patent pending products which are the 'Swiss army knife' to the operators."

By using Roam Home SMS, Roam Home Voice and the Smart-Fi, operators can offer “all in one” over IP, all without forcing the user to log into another application on his/her mobile phone.

The solutions are based on a client-server model. The client is located both on the device and on the SIM card, transparent to the user. The server is a gateway to the operator’s SMS Center (SMSC), which receives the mobile-originated (MO) messages over IP from the clients and generates CDRs.

Each solution can be implemented as a standalone solution, and they are all combined into one “Swiss army knife” in which the carrier benefits from:
·        Reduced IOT fees in national/international roaming agreements.
·        Full IP Short Message Gateway (IP-SM-GW) functionality.
·        Seamless LCR, based on sophisticated algorithms.
·        Free or advertisements-based mechanism.
·        Call recoding/call bridge functionalities.
·        Wi-Fi offload
·        Selling Wi-Fi data to roaming customers.
·        Possibility to have advertisements bar.

On the client side, multiple network-dependent capture rules can be set on Mobile Country Code (MCC) and Mobile Network Code (MNC). The client will be active in the presence of a cellular data network and/or Wi-Fi. Due to SIM dependency, the client will be active only for the network’s customers assuring no misuse of the applet by other operators' customers. Additional security measures include cryptography and authentication to allow transport over HTTPS.

On the server side, Roam Home SMS generates CDRs and authenticates the user (so the system won’t be abused by other operators). It has an anti-spoof feature and it updates the client configuration (for example, it activates only on specific MNOs).

A special application, demonstrating Roam Home SMS, can be found on Google Play at