According to Manta’s SMB Wellness Index, approximately 80 percent of small business owners use their mobile phone for business at least once a day, nearly a ten percent increase since 2012. In fact, 25 percent of small businesses use their mobile device for business at least every hour, and not just when they’re on the road; 78 percent of small business owners use their mobile device while in front of their computer (a ten percent increase since 2012) for reasons ranging from checking personal texts or email (48 percent) to speedier email access (25 percent). Manta is an online networking platform for small-business owners.

Small businesses now rely on mobile phones for once-traditional pen-and-paper tasks such as appointment scheduling or communicating with customers (56 percent), creating notes or to-do lists (30 percent) and banking (24 percent). App-enabled smartphones allow small business owners to mix work and pleasure like never before, with 78 percent reporting that they check work email or other documents while on vacation. It’s a controversial development though; while 64 percent of respondents believe mobile access allows them to enjoy their vacations more, 36 percent believe it takes away from their ability to enjoy the break.

“Mobile technology is clearly changing the nature of small business ownership,” said John Swanciger, CEO of Manta. “It’s encouraging to see that small business owners are adapting and taking these seismic shifts in stride. At Manta, we’re constantly evolving to support our community, developing mobile-optimized tools to help them succeed and offering resources to demystify the latest trends and technology to insure small businesses keep their competitive edge.”